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Vendor Application


Thank you for your interest in a booth rental for the 2024 Douglas County PrideFest to be held at Salisbury Park in Parker, Colorado on August 4, 2024. We are very excited to bring Pride to Douglas County for a fourth year and so very thankful that you are interested in supporting us in that endeavor. The following booth types are available:

  • Non-profit booth: LGBTQIA+ support organizations, religious organizations, and other non-political non-profits, $99

  • BIPOC-owned small business booth: BIPOC artisans and sole proprietors, $120

  • Small business booth: Artisans and sole proprietors, $150

  • Political organization booth: Political parties and candidate campaigns, $300

  • Large business booth: Large retail businesses and franchises, $300

  • Sponsor booth: Complimentary with a donation of $500 or more (cash, services, or products)

Below you will find all the information about securing your booth. Please read the information carefully before filling out your application as this will serve as your contract. Payment will be collected upon acceptance by the committee and must be submitted within 14 days of notification that your booth has been accepted to reserve your booth space. All fields are required unless otherwise marked.

  1. Physical Space: All booth spaces will be 10’x10’. Booth spaces will be marked with identifying numbers and spaces will be assigned by committee. Douglas County Pride will not provide tents, weights, ropes, tables, chairs, or any other materials. Vendor must supply any materials needed to run your booth. Salisbury Park does not permit the use of spikes or anchors that implant into the ground. Consequently, all tents must be weighted by a minimum of 40lb weights attached to each corner of the tent. If any person is injured by any vendor’s equipment, merchandise or supplies during set-up, tear-down or during the PrideFest, the vendor is liable for any injuries. Each vendor will be solely responsible for setting up, maintaining and tearing down their own equipment. Additionally, there must be an attendant present at each booth at all times. If you need to leave your booth empty for any reason, you must first contact the booth coordinator to ask for a volunteer attendant.

  2. LGBTQIA+ Community Support: The event is open to all businesses, non-profits, crafters, artists, and any other organization or individual approved by Douglas County Pride. By submitting an application you are recognizing that the purpose of this event is to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and that your participation at this event will support and promote the acceptance and validation of the LGBTQIA+ community in Douglas County and more broadly. In so doing, you also acknowledge that you in no way will speak poorly of the community, try to recruit people away from the community, or in any other way actively take a stance against the LGBTQIA+ community.

  3. Vendor Participants: Douglas County Pride as an organization remains committed to our value of welcoming all that support and further our mission of bringing acceptance and awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community of Douglas County and beyond. With this value, we will accept all vendors who can demonstrate a commitment to upholding our values and supporting our mission. If you are applying to be a vendor at Douglas County PrideFest, we expect that you will be knowledgeable about issues faced by our community and supportive of our mission. We also expect that you will be kind and welcoming to fellow vendors that may not necessarily share your views on other issues.

  4. Electricity: No electrical outlets are available on PrideFest grounds. Booths in need of electricity must provide their own generator. Generators must be placed on plywood to prevent damage (including fuels spills) to the turf.

  5. Display: Each vendor at Douglas County PrideFest will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with our festival rules in both their behaviors on festival grounds as well as that which they choose to display. This means that at no point in the festival are materials such as guns or any substance such as marijuana to be displayed physically or in depictions. Additionally, Douglas County Pride reserves the right to ask you to remove any portion of any display at any time.

  6. Set up/Tear down: At least 2 weeks before the festival, you will be assigned a set-up and tear-down time. These times are very important to ensure that these processes are smooth and organized and must be adhered to. You must check in with a booth coordinator before set-up for any directions and to sign in, and after tear-down to ensure the space is clean, remit your sales tax, and to sign-out. Late set-ups will be granted at the discretion of the booth coordinator should an issue arise. There will be no early tear-downs granted, so please be prepared to stay for your entire allotted time.

  7. Advertising: Douglas County PrideFest will be extensively advertised throughout the state via social media, print ads and various other media sources. Vendors may share the official invite from the Douglas County Pride Facebook group, official Douglas County Pride flyers, or word of mouth advertising should they wish to recruit attendees. A logo may be submitted with booth application to be used for advertising on the website and, where appropriate, in sponsor-level materials.

  8. Fees: The fees charged for the festival will be for a basic 10’x10’ booth located in the booth segment of the festival. This fee will be $300 for a large business booth, $300 for a political organization booth, $150 for a small business booth, $120 for a BIPOC-owned small business booth, and $99 for a non-profit booth. Sponsorship donors will receive a complimentary booth space. (See Sponsorship Levels for more info).

  9. Parking: Salisbury Park does not allow any motorized vehicles on the turf area where PrideFest will be held. Vendors must park in the designated parking area and transport materials to and from the booth area on foot. Non-motorized carts, wagons, etc. may be used to assist with the transportation of booth materials.

  10. Payment: Payment will be taken through the Douglas County Pride website only. You will have 14 days from the notification of acceptance to pay your booth fee. Failure to pay booth fee on time will release your assigned booth to other vendors. You will have to resubmit your application should you not make the fee deadline and will be assigned a new space if one is available.

  11. Refunds: An application and payment of booth fee is a full commitment to participation in Douglas County PrideFest. Once your acceptance letter has been sent and acknowledged through payment, no refunds will be given.

  12. Weather: Weather in Colorado is sometimes unpredictable. Continuing with or cancelling the festival based on weather is at the discretion of Douglas County Pride. No refunds will be given for reasons of inclement weather.

  13. Notification of Acceptance: You will receive a notification of acceptance from Douglas County Pride once your application has been received and approved. Notification will be sent as soon as a decision is made by the committee but no later than two weeks from the day your application is received by the committee.

  14. Food: Food vendors including food trucks, alcohol vendors, and specialty foods will be invited to the event by Douglas County Pride and will have a separate contract. No booth vendor will be allowed to serve food or drinks of any kind without prior approval.

  15. Sale of Merchandise: Booth vendors will be allowed to sell their own merchandise and are solely responsible for the quality and safety of this merchandise. Douglas County Pride is not liable or responsible for any merchandise sold by any booth vendor and reserves the right to right to request that merchandise that violates the rules or is deemed inappropriate for the family-friendly nature of the event be removed from the event.

  16. Festival Event Times: Douglas County PrideFest will be open to the public on August 4, 2024 from 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Booth vendors are required to be set-up and available until 5:00 p.m. Set-up periods will begin at 8:00 a.m. and all should be set-up and ready to go no later than 10:30 a.m. with a final walkthrough scheduled for 10:30 a.m.-10:45 a.m.

  17. Street vendors: Street vendors will NOT be permitted on Douglas County PrideFest grounds.

  18. Festival Rules: All Vendors must comply with the rules, regulations, and policies of Douglas County PrideFest as outlined on the website:

  19. Sales Tax: All vendors who will sell merchandise or services at the event must collect and remit sales tax. Douglas County Pride obtains a Colorado Event License and a Town of Parker Event License for Douglas County PrideFest. By default, all vendors are included under these licenses. Anyone selling merchandise or services at the festival must complete and return the sales tax sheets and sales tax prior to leaving the festival grounds. These sheets will be included in your packet at check-in.

I/We the applicants have read the rules and regulations related to my/our participation as a booth vendor for the 2024 Douglas County PrideFest and agree to abide by them. I/We understand that we are responsible for my/our property and release Douglas County Pride from any and all liability in relation to my participation in the event, including damage, injury, or loss of person, business, or property which may arise. I/We understand that once notified of acceptance to the event, I/We must pay all fees in full within 14 days of the emailed notification or our booth space will be released. I/We further acknowledge that once submitted, fees are nonrefundable. As a participant at this event, I/We give permission to Douglas County Pride to use my name, business name, and photos taken of me/us and/or our booth at the event for any and all purposes including advertisement. I agree to all conditions of the event.

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The booth vendor application has closed. Please consider applying in 2025!

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