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Beyond the Binding
Beyond the Binding

Sun, Sep 08


Books are Awesome

Beyond the Binding

A non-traditional book club and social gathering.

Time & Location

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Sep 08, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Books are Awesome, 11211 Dransfeldt Rd #101, Parker, CO 80134, USA

About the event

Join us for a monthly meeting of our non-traditional book club. Up to the first hour will be dedicated to discussing our literary finds and the second hour will be reserved for open discussions as a large group, or smaller break-off discussions as desired. What makes this book club non-traditional? Instead of reading books as a group, you will read any book that interests you and will share information about your book with the group at each meeting. Below, you will find a list of questions for you to choose from so you feel prepared to discuss your book. This is a great way to find new reads and learn about other genres you may not typically pick up. If reading isn't your thing, you are still welcome here. This gathering is not only for literary discussion, but also a place to make meaningful connections. Grab a drink and listen to the discussion, or show up for the social hour during the second half. This is an 18+ event. RSVP at

Please choose 2 or 3 questions from the list below to share with the group. If you would rather discuss aspects of your book that the questions do not cover, feel free to create your own talking points.


1. Is your book a work of fiction, or of non-fiction?

2. What is the significance of the title? Would you have given it a different title?

3. Did the story present you with any locations you’d like to visit? Which ones?

4. Has the author written anything else you’ve read?

5. What do you feel you may have learned from this book, and does any of it have relevance to the LGBTQ world?

6. Are you glad you read this book and do you recommend it?

If Your Book Is Non-fiction:

1. Is your book about a specific person, or an event, or a period of history?

2. Please give a short synopsis of the book.

3. What event(s) were significant contributors to the person’s/event’s/period’s story and what effect did this have

on the future?

4. If time travel were possible, would you go back and involve yourself in this particular narrative? Why?

5. Were you at all surprised by what you read? If so, what surprised you?

If Your Book Is a Work of Fiction:

1. In what time period does your book’s story take place? How important is that time period to the story?

2. Please give a short synopsis of the book.

3. Do you feel the author provided enough (or perhaps too much) background for each character?

4. If there is a character in your book that you’d like to meet, who is it and why do they interest you?

5. Do you feel that the story ended as it should, or would you change it?

Question Bank:

1. How do you think the book’s action would have been different, if it had been set in a different time period?

2. Did the book evoke any specific emotion in you? Did it call you to any action?

3. Did you find your opinion of the book changing as you read it?

4. If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

5. Would this book make a good movie?

6. Is there a character in the book you’d like to have a discussion with, over dinner?

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